Do you have a team-player mindset?

team player mindset

Do you have a team-player mindset?

Good teamwork is essential to delivering a positive customer experience, but can be more difficult than it sounds.

We all have:

  • our own tasks, responsibilities and KPIs
  • our own instincts and the way things should be done.
  • so many other priorities – to our customers for instance
  • our own comfort zones and anxieties
  • own own emotional needs and frustrations
  • our own goals and ambitions

So being a good team-player requires understanding ourselves and our behaviours as well as a commitment to others. It’s easy to make excuses or dubious self-justifications, but difficult to rise above that and strive to be the best versions of ourselves.

Having a team-player mindset means:


Now, really challenge yourself. Do you ever fall short of the standards you are claiming for yourself. Do you ever:

  • pass problems to colleagues
  • dodge responsibility or accountability
  • not hold colleagues to account to avoid conflict
  • make lazy assumptions about colleagues
  • fail to consider the demands on, or perspectives of others
  • wait for colleagues to make mistakes
  • self-justify your self-serving behaviours
  • dodge opportunities to help others.

Try rating yourself out of 10 on the above, noting where you could improve.