Embedding learning



Coaching can help people better apply the skills they have learnt and tackle any limiting beliefs or mindset challengers that hinder progress.



Leader support

We coach and support leaders in the positive performance management of desired behaviours – coaching the coaches, defining behavioural standards and advising on motivation strategies.



We can provide fun, engaging micro-learning capsules of 10-30 minutes that embed learning, designed to be facilitated by manager sin internal team meetings or workshops.



We can provide webinars on a range of topics to keep your team focused and committed to development.


Not sure which solution will work for your organisation? Contact us today on [email protected] or 0404 266 174 for a commitment free discussion of the alternatives for embedding learning.

8 reasons customers dont come back

Build a raving, referring customer base.

Eliminate the 8 key reasons that customers don’t come back.


New Enquiries


Cups of Coffee


New Customers


raving fans

Mindset and motivation challenges

Knowledge is easy. Skills can be learnt. To really change behaviours you often have to go deeper.

At CX Training we challenge the unproductive mindsets and limiting beliefs that can hinder positive behavioural change, and sales / CX performance. We develop insightful self-awareness, and then lay the skills on top.

CX: Technical mindset

Does your team focus on technical detail and expertise rather than customer value?

CX: Organisational mindset

Does your team focus on organisational goals, or personal value to the organisation rather than customer value?

CX: compliance mindset and fear

Jobsworths!! Do your team put compliance and a risk-free existence before customer value?

Sales: fear of rejection

Does fear of rejection hold any of your team back?

Sales: self-identity

Does anyone in your team feel sales is beneath them?

Sales: Introverts and rapport

Introverts are great at sales and customer service, but they don't always enjoy it!