Pricing practices and skills

Pricing skills

Customised Price Training


Price negotiation is a critical skill in all sales professionals.


CX Training provides customised price training to help you confidently close a deal at the right price.


From demonstrating value and reducing price sensitivity to dealing with price objections, our pricing strategy training will ensure you’re maximising revenue from every sale.



Maximise your Revenue with Effective Price Training

Could your price negotiation skills be improved?


Or perhaps you’re looking to employ effective pricing techniques to maximise revenue on your products and services in a competitive market?


Pricing skills are the art of setting – and ideally maximising – the price you receive for your products and services. Effective pricing requires confident communications, an understanding of both value and costs, and a broad range of customer experience skills. Our price training can help your team better understand the dynamics of price so they can confidently maximise revenue from every sale and opportunity.


Our pricing strategy training can be tailored to your specific needs, but topics and discussions include:

  • How important is price?
  • Why and when customers are willing to pay more?
  • Understanding and communicating customer value
  • Overcoming personal anxieties and reservations to price confidently
  • How to balance customer value and price maximisation
  • How to build your pricing power
  • How your marketing impacts your pricing power
  • How to reduce price sensitivity
  • How to demonstrate costs consciousness and build pricing trust
  • Pricing negotiation skills
  • Value pricing strategies
  • Price discrimination / pricing the customer
  • When and how to discount
  • The power of choice
  • Bundling and unbundling strategies
  • Dealing with price ceilings
  • Dealing with price objections and downward pressure
  • Sales skills and techniques
  • Premium pricing strategies
  • Pricing strategies for professionals

Effective pricing is dependant not just on the development of skills and techniques, but also on the development of a healthy, positive mindset. Our price training can help you tackle the psychological barriers that stop people from pricing confidently.

Fear of rejection

Cost or value orientation?

Too much empathy?

Needing to sell

Personal self-esteem issues

Over-estimating the importance of price


Improve your Price Negotiation Skills

Negotiating on price is inevitable in nearly every business.

We can help you develop effective price negotiation skills in order to improve your bottom line.

Our price training focuses on negotiating a price that benefits your business and your customer for a win-win outcome.




Why CX Training?

We know what it takes to close a sale at the price you deserve.

Our price training is customised to your specific needs and uses a holistic approach to maximise your results.



Price Training Made for You

There are no one-size-fits-all programs here. Our pricing strategy training courses and workshops are tailored to suit you. We strive to understand your organisation’s goals, your team’s learning styles and preferences, and your overall strategic objectives to deliver price training that gives you the results you’re looking for.



Holistic Approach to Price Training

Most price training providers simply focus on content and skills. But you can’t expect true behavioural change without being challenged. We prefer to work off people than to work off a script, facilitating insightful self-awareness and challenging limiting beliefs and excuses. Then we lay the skills on top, so your learning outcomes stick. You can expect to be challenged, but to have plenty of fun along the way.



Ongoing Support

Influencing behavioural change generally requires more than just a group training session. We offer ongoing support after any initial price training through coaching, leader support, webinars, micro-learning, and follow-up implementation workshops.


Want to learn more about our price training? Complete the form below for a free strategy consultation, or contact us on or 0404 266 174 to discuss your needs today.