Engaging webinars & online training workshops


We’re expanding our offering of webinars and online training workshops. Now we regularly host a limited range of zoom-based webinars. Regardless of the business you’re in, our webinars focus on developing fundamental skills in business – like providing the best customer experience possible.

Webinar - Handling complaints, conflict and customer dissatisfaction, 9am-11pm, Wednesday 31 May 2023, $250

The key to managing complaints is managing emotions and attitudes - first yours, then the other persons. In this webinar we discuss YOUR mindset, how to stay cool, how to understand and meet the emotional needs of customers, the language to use and not to use, and how to respond with the appropriate solution or strategy.

Webinar - Customer Service Essentials, 12.30pm-3.30pm, Wednesday 31 May 2023, $250

Designed for anyone whose work can impact the customer experience, this webinar discusses what customers value, how to deliver it, and how to maintain a more positive, customer-centric mindset. This webinar will help you better understand both customer emotions and your own behaviour.

Who Should Attend These Webinars?

That depends on the webinar. While many of our events are open to new and experienced professionals in various roles, some of the topics covered in our corporate workshops are more relevant to specific teams.


A number of our webinars are designed for in-house customer service teams, call centre staff, sales representatives, and the leaders who manage those teams. That’s because in many cases, they’re the voice of your business and can have a direct impact on your customers’ experiences.


You can find out if a webinar is relevant to you by checking the event information.



To get an idea of webinars, take a look at our previous webinars below.


What Will I Learn at Your Webinars?

At the core of our webinars, you’ll learn how you or your business can maximise your customers’ experience. Each webinar will teach this in a different way. From sales workshops that teach you how to build trust and customer rapport, to leadership training webinars that demonstrate how leaders can motivate their teams to deliver the best customer experience – you’ll be surprised how much you can take away from our webinars.


Looking to learn something specific? Check out our tailored in-house training options.


Enjoy a Unique Learning Experience at Our interactive webinars

While our webinars aren’t tailored to your individual business, we still ensure a rich and engaging environment. We do this by limiting places and creating an inclusive atmosphere.


As well as learning directly from experts on customer experience, you’ll get the chance to meet and network with other likeminded professionals. Each public workshop also provides a PDF workbook you can keep, full of extremely useful resources.



All webinars will be conducted through zoom, with a link sent to registered attendees, and last for two hours



Discover our webinars below or get in touch with us on 0404 266174 for more information.