Customer Experience Strategy Training

Customer Experience Strategy Training


Welcome to CX Training, the leading providers of customer experience strategy training in Brisbane and nationwide. We understand knowledge and information needs to be introduced in an efficient way in order to ensure it is useful for daily operations and increase value in the experience given to customers. We bring mindset shifts and through customer experience strategy training, we help you develop the tools you require to continue to add value to your customers. When selecting CX Training for superior customer experience strategy training, you are making the right decision to achieve the following goals:

  • Learning strategies and practical techniques to handle enquiries and find the most beneficial outcome to any situation for both customers and your business.
  • Dealing with complaints on a daily basis, spotting those issues that are constant in your business’s experience and the best way to solve them.
  • Increasing coherence among the quality of your products and services and the customer experience you offer.


CX Training offers superior training across many aspects of successful business operation, including the best approaches regarding customer experience strategy training and the relevant benefits it produces. We will unveil the keys of developing a customer-centric mindset and understanding customer needs and values and how it will impact your business’s results.


We tailor our customer experience strategy training so it will cover your business’s specific needs, totally changing the approach you have with your customers. We help you break down barriers and have fun while you learn in a dynamic way how to make your strategies better and ensure your customers will love every interaction they have with your brand. Committed development and constant growth is what we strive for! CX Training is the best option to take your business to a whole new level in terms of process refinement and positive impact.



CX Training

Customer Experience Training

Understand and deliver customer value and improve your customer experience with our expert consultants. From customer relationship management to customer complaint management, we give you the tools you need to make customer experience your competitive advantage.

Customer Service Training

Good customer service is the backbone of customer loyalty, referrals, growth, and profits. Our customer service training covers everything from building rapport with clients to handling difficult customers. Improve your customer communications and interactions to develop high-trust, high-loyalty customer relationships.

Tailored Sales Training

Our sales training and phone sales training programs equip you with the techniques and strategies to confidently influence potential customers to move through the sales process with you. We focus on sales mindset, sales attributes, sales processes, relationship sales, spin selling, insight selling, and more.

Complaints, Conflict and Difficult Customers

Help your team better understand customers emotional needs and the dynamics of conflict so they can confidently turn a tense situation into a positive customer experience.

Pricing Practies and Skills Workshops

In our pricing practices and skills workshops, you’ll learn pricing techniques and price negotiation skills to assist you in communicating value, building pricing power, understanding price sensitivity, and handling price resistance.

Customer Relationship Training

Our customer relationship management training teaches you the skills required to develop customer relationships that last. Learn everything from rapport building techniques to forging the emotional bonds to keep your customers coming back, staying loyal, buying more, and referring more.

8 reasons customers dont come back




Build a raving, referring customer base.

Eliminate the 8 key reasons that customers don’t come back.


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Tailored Training and Workshops

Delivering consistently excellent customer experiences can involve a number of different skills and approaches.


CX Training has expertise in a broad range of courses and disciplines. We can work with you to develop cohesive in-house customer service training tailored specifically to your needs.


Our customer service training workshops can be customised to include the following:

Customer Experience Essentials

Active listening

Body Language

Advanced rapport building skills

Negotiation skills

Communication skills

Dealing with difficult customers

Conflict resolution / dealing with customer dissatisfaction

Professional telephone skills

Rapport building for introverts

Communicating value

Understanding buyer behaviour and client value

Understanding different client types

Customer engagement (responding to initial enquiries)

Relationship sales

Insight / spin selling

Pricing, quoting and money talk

Building high-trust, value-rich client relationships

Customer relationship management

Customer experience essentials – retail

Customer experience essentials – call centres

Customer experience essentials – financial services

Customer experience essentials – professional services



By focusing on mindset, skills, and behaviours, CX Training delivers in-house customer service training that stays with you throughout your professional journey.




With a positive receptive mindset, we can then lay the skills on top. We passionately believe that anyone can build and improve their customer-facing and sales skills. While some might seem like ‘naturals’ and others not, everyone can improve with the right training.




Learning doesn’t stop with skills; people have to apply them and change their behaviours. We work on the practical and psychological issues that help or hinder the confident application of skills.






For more information on our in-house customer service training, or to book a customer service training workshop, contact us at [email protected] or 0404 266 174 today.