Customer Relationships


Managing and developing customer relationships

Making the first sale and landing the customer should only be the first step in a long journey. Developing customer relationships is about building trust and communicating value so you forge the emotional bonds to keep your customers coming back, staying loyal, buying more and referring more.

Keeping customers loyal involves investing in all parts of the customer journey and addressing weak links that could lead to customer value. It’s about recognising and addressing flight risks, but also about recognising and following through on those opportunities to add value. It takes skills, systems and a positive customer-centric mindset.

Organisations that don’t look after their existing customers will lose out to their competitors. We’ll work with you and your team to build skills, change behaviours and make a difference that your clients will love. Our customer service training and workshops can be tailored to your specific needs. In general, topics and programs can include the following:

  • Understanding customer needs
  • Defining client value
  • The customer-centric mindset
  • Developing customer development plans
  • Demonstrating credibility and reliability
  • Advanced rapport-building skills
  • Understanding the customer journey and customer touchpoints
  • Customer listening / seeking customer feedback
  • Net promoter score – surveys and strategies
  • CUstomer relationship management
  • Understanding buyer behaviour and client value
  • Understanding different client types
  • Building high-trust customer relationships
  • Building professional intimacy
  • Customer engagement – responding to initial enquiries
  • Professional client engagement
  • Team work and team-based behaviours to enhance the customer experience
  • Performance managing customer-centric behaviours
  • Loyalty schemes and strategies
  • Leveraging customer relationships for referrals
  • From OK to awesome: adding value

Customised training to meet your requirements

Our customer relationship training courses and workshops will be tailored to your unique requirements. We’ll liaise with you to understand your organisation’s goals, understand your team and your customers, and your overall strategic objectives to tailor a learning program that delivers the results you need.


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