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We don’t do cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf training: CX Training work with you to understand your customer challenges and develop a program that will truly deliver results.

We take the time to understand your organisation, and the changes or improvements you want to make. We then develop your own tailored training solution, including a choice of delivery options to match timelines and budget.

Customer Experience

Understanding and delivering customer value

Customer service

Customer communications and interactions


Sales Mindset, Sales attributes, Sales processes, Relationship sales, Spin selling, insight selling,

Complaints, conflict and difficult customers

How to see every challenge as an opportunity - and then deliver real value by resolving issues.

Pricing approaches and skills

Communicating value, costs consciousness, pricing strategies, building pricing power, understanding price sensitivity, handling price resistance

Customer relationships

Rapport, customer contact, communication skills, intimacy, trust, customer development


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Delivering consistently excellent customer experiences can involve a number of different skills and approaches.

CX Training has expertise in a broad range of courses and disciplines.

You tell us what you are interested in and we will develop a cohesive course tailored specifically to your needs.

Customer Experience Essentials

Active listening

Body Language

Advanced rapport building skills

Negotiation skills

Communication skills

Dealing with difficult customers

Conflict resolution / dealing with customer dissatisfaction

Professional telephone skills

Rapport building for introverts

Communicating value

Understanding buyer behaviour and client value

Understanding different client types

Customer engagement (responding to initial enquiries)

Relationship sales

Insight / spin selling


Pricing, quoting and money talk

Building high-trust, value-rich client relationships

Customer relationship management

Customer experience essentials – retail

Customer experience essentials – call centres

Customer experience essentials – financial services

Customer experience essentials – professional services




We like to start training sessions focusing on mindset: the set of motivations, confidence, limiting beliefs, attitudes and excuses that will determine whether someone is receptive to building and applying new skills. We challenge others, and get them to challenge themselves.




With a positive receptive mindset, we can then lay the skills on top. We passionately believe that anyone can build and improve their customer facing and sales skills. Whilst some might seem like ‘naturals’ and others not, everyone can improve with the right training.




Learning doesn’t stop with skills: people have to apply them and change their behaviours. We work on the practical and psychological issues that help or hinder the confident application of skills.