Public workshops

CX Training Public workshops

Following strong public demand, we’ve decided to relax our commitment to tailored workshops and offer a range of workshops we hope will have broad relevance and appeal. All workshops will run for 3.5 hours on a Friday morning in Brisbane CBD, and will be limited to 15 places – ensuring genuine engagement and a true workshop experience. Each workshop includes a resource-rich pdf workbook, networking opportunities and a decent coffee. What more could you ask for?

Customer Experience Leadership: Brisbane, March 29

This workshop is designed for those who are responsible for the customer service performance of others, equipping them with the insights, techniques and strategies to coach and motivate others to delivering a superior customer experience.

Customer dissatisfaction, complaints and conflict, Brisbane 10 May

Whether dealing with angry complaints or the vast range of other difficult or challenging customers, the aim should always be a positive resolution rather than personal defence or validation. In this workshop we address how to stay cool and control your own emotions, how to meet the emotional needs of customers and finally how to respond with an appropriate solution or strategy. We'll focus on mindset and understand as well as skills and language to help you cope with every situation.

Consultative sales, Brisbane, 12 July

Whilst all sales challenges are different, we have developed a consultative sales model that will help just about anyone. In a packed morning, we'll be discussing the sales mindset, rapport, trust, qualifying, value criteria, questioning frameworks, listening, closing, pricing and more. This workshop is appropriate for both the new and the experienced.

Handling initial customer enquiries, Brisbane, 23 August

Designed for in-house customer service and call centre staff, this workshop will help everyone convert sales opportunities and deliver a positive customer experience. Well be discussing response essentials, appropriate language, rapport building, trust, discovery questioning, the presentation of solutions, expectation management, closing and more

Sales, networking and rapport for introverts, Brisbane, 11 October

At CX Training, we're big fans of introverts - and we share your frustration that so much guidance and advice on sales and customer experience is written by extroverts for extroverts. Introverts can and do build rapport, network and sell very sucessfully. In this workshop you will meet new people (yes!), learn how to use your introvert strengths for sales, and when it might help you to borrow from the extrovert toolkit occasionally. We'll give you a range of solutions that will work for you: pushing you out of your comfort zone a little perhaps - but we won't ask you to pretend to be someone you're not.