Call Centre Sales


Call centre sales and phone sales


Whether you are answering enquiries or making outgoing calls, phone and call centre sales present specific challenges.

Research suggests that customers will decide whether to continue a call within the first ten seconds of any call they receive, may decide whether to buy in less than a minute of an enquiry they make – and are increasingly resistant to the call centre experience. CX training will help you build the mindset and skills for successful phone sales.

We can tailor a training solution to your specific needs and address phone and call centre challenges including:

  • The phone sales mindset
  • Making appointments
  • Getting past gatekeepers
  • Phone sales – limiting beliefs and excuses
  • Should I follow a script?
  • Building rapport on the phone
  • Phone sales basics
  • Phone etiquette and respectful communications
  • Call transfer essentials
  • Closing on the phone
  • Persuasive phone language and behaviours
  • Skype sales and other media
  • Qualifying questions and techniques
  • Incoming calls – customer needs
  • Outgoing calls – customer needs
  • Customer time management
  • Building trust on the phone
  • Call preparation and planning

Why CX Training?


Your team, your customers, your CX Training

Our sales training courses and workshops will be tailored to your unique requirements. We’ll liaise with you to understand your organisation’s goals, your team’s learning styles and preferences, and your overall strategic objectives to tailor a customer service learning program that delivers the results you need. Your team, your customers, your CX training.

Sales training should address behaviours and mindsets

AT CX Training we believe that sales performance is driven not just through sales techniques and skills, but also by tackling the psychological and behavioural barriers that stop some people from selling confidently. We believe in breaking down barriers and developing a positive sales mindset so that your team develop confidence and are more receptive to learning new skills and techniques.

We make it stick

Bringing about behavioural change often requires more than just a group training session. We would love to support you after any initial training through coaching, leader support, webinars, micro-learning or a follow-up implementation workshop.


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