Building Customer Service Accountability

Customer service accountability

Building Customer Service Accountability

High on the list of infuriating customer service or experience failures is a lack of accountability.

“Not my responsibility” / “Not my fault” / “Nothing I can do” / “I’ve done my bit” / “I’ve passed that to a colleague” / “Here’s another number” / “Send us an email” / “My colleague hasn’t got back to me”.

Accountability is a key part of the customer-centric mindset. To be truly customer-centric, individuals often need to go beyond the boundaries of a role to help a customer. A customer doesn’t care whose job it is: they just want someone to accept responsibility and help them.

So, how accountable are you? How accountable are your team?

Use the SNACCKS framework below to assess. Give yourself and each team member a score out of 10 on the following.

Or ask team members to give each other feedback on the different attributes.